Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh it just makes me so mad

I am just so confused. I do not understand, at all, how
doctors are able to do the fantastic work on my spine,
take care of deadly infections with ease, make my
depression just *poof* go away. But. They cannot
make my neausea go away.

Really, I just don't get it. They say my stomach
lining is swollen. There's no sign of any of the
icky things that can go wrong with it. God knows
they tested for enough of them.

All I want is one more pill to take to make me
be able to enjoy a bowl of spaghetti and meat
balls (I dared to have some today with in half
an hour I was sick sick sick). Sometimes a
cold glass of water, tap cold, not ice cold will
make my stomach roll. Why can't they
find something to make it stop? I'm just
so confused.

I'm thankful for/love

spaghetti and meat balls
flat rate mailing
Raleys pharmacy
automatic refills
birthday parties
my camelback water bottle
the Olympics
seam rippers
Elvis and Dawber as bed buddies

Am looking forward to Sunday, a new day,
a day I get to spend with Bob.

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