Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays done

For some reason, Monday has always been 'The busy day'.
It was the day I did laundry from the weekend, changed
all the sheets and on and on.
After so many years, in the back of my mind, lingering
in all the other not so important stuff that clutters
my aging mind, Monda is still the busy day.
Its just Bob and I now. And the dogs. Who seem to make
as much mess as any of the kids did. So why should
Mondays be busy any more? Some Monday mornings,
I will suddenly stop and think, wait, I'm supposed
to be doing something. I will look over at the
laundry basket and turn my head to look at
the bed. Nope, nothing to do. But. I still feel like
I am missing doing something.

It feels silly, after so many years of not
have busy Mondays, that the feel of needing
to have to do something still lingers. Guess it
all goes along with gettin' old. blagh.

I love/am thankful for,

being able to fix my sewing maching myself.
to watch Hoarders.
sorting old photos
all the valentines candy Bob brought home
kisses goodnight
kisses goodbye
kisses hello
kisses just because

short lists, I'm sleepy. After all, it is MOnday
and MOnday is supposed to be busy!

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