Wednesday, February 10, 2010

simple things

I have noticed a new trend of people being thankful for
the 'simple things'. Not in just blogs, but on face book
and on myspace. As I read those notes, I realized
its what I have been doing with my loves and
thankful fors.

As I think of all the stuff I have listed, I realized
that they were the simple things. And that they
really are the best things. They make me smile.
Feel good. Happy. Loved. I think thats pretty

I am sorry now that I erased my whole 'old' blog'.
I just had started getting pretty negative with it
and I did not like how that made me feel. Also,
as I usually do this late at night, those bad feelings
were taken to bed with me and made for alot
of restlessness. And heaven knows with the
pain I deal with I have enough restlessness
as it is. But I could have saved the loves and

I love Bob's moustache
I love a bargain
I love glittery trims
I love sparkly picture frames
I love the feel of clean hair on my shoulders
I love Priscillas blog
I love Kathys lasting friendship
I love the thought of my 40th reunion
I love reconnecting with old friends
I love raisen toast

I am also thankful for all of those simple things
above, that they are in my life!

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