Friday, January 22, 2010

mixed up days

Bob is working over time again this Friday, he did
last Friday. I don't mind. This over time will pay for
the new receiver he just got. So it all works out fine.
Its just his working on Friday nights just gets me
and my days alll mixed up! We also usually go
to the Commissary on Sundays, not this week.
Tomorrow. So I am going to be soo confused
tomorrow and Sunday. I will not know when
I am again until Monday when he goes to work

I'm thankful for/love:

all the rain we gotten as we have so needed it.
finding old friends on facebook.
Martie finally came to visit us.
that Cookie has quit 'accusing' me .
Bob bringing surprise pastries home in the morning.
Priscilla wrote me back.
the pic of Landon and his daddy playing outside.
I am almost done with this bedding.
for the cute fabric I found for the carrier.
and the ribbon to match!

1 comment:

  1. But you never wrote me back!! hahaha Greg was embarrassed by the photo :)