Monday, January 11, 2010

Brr I'm cold!

I'm thankful for my lift chair
I'm thankful for Bob's lasting love and care
I'm thankful for my dad's continuing good health.
I'm thankful for the ability to keep on learning!
I'm thankful for my many hobbies

I Love watching the Bachelor
I love 'gathering' fabric
I love finding great new patterns.

Its a new year, so I'm guessing I should be
coming up with some new years resolutions.
But I'm not. I really think they are kind of
ridiculous. If your living your life as a good
person, wife, husband, child, lover...your
happy, your spouse is happy, why do you
have to change just because its new years?

Say ya get a little sharp tongued cuz hubby
didn't rinse his dishes, so just shut your
mouth and rinse them for him. You
should not have to resolve to not nag
him. You love him, so big deal, be quiet,
its just a dish. See what I mean? OH well,
thats just what I have been thinking about
lately. If it made sense, great. If not, oh
well go make a resolution or something!

Loves you all!

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