Thursday, February 18, 2010


I browse around and read lots of blogs.
Some regularly. Some I just click that
'next blog' button and see where it
takes me. Now, the ones I read regularly
are ones that are very popular it seems.
And they should be, they are well written
and funny, lots of pictures of kids, family,
vacations. All that fun family stuff. I
really enjoy them.

But now and then there is a blog that
gets so deep, so long, so boring I just
can't finish it. Its great that they can
write so well. But gee,this is a blog.
I tend to see a blog asa diary of sorts.
Not a newspaper commentary. Am I
the only one who does not care for
those type of blogs? I guess that really
doesn't matter, I will just do what I always
do and click 'next'.

I love/ am thankful for

all the vintage doilies I just received
organizing my fabric shelves
Priscilla's explainations
Sheri's exhuberant thank yous
Jeremiahs surprise at the wild turkeys
my 'breakthrough' pain relief
new books
raisen toast
finding that lost earring
planning Olivias b'day quilt
thinking of Robbys blue eyes and fat cheeks

Loves you....until tomorrow

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