Friday, September 17, 2010

Still lovin Texas

We are still in Texas. Not in Abilene anymore though.
We are staying in Lewisville just above Dallas. Visiting
Bob's daughters and grandkids! Fun fun fun!

Wyatt and Olivia come and stay at the hotel with
us every night. Love it! They have been so good
for us. Makes it even easier to spoil them.

Tomorrow Bob and I are going out looking
for property again. We go every time we come
to Texas. But I think its getting serious now.
We have actually been pre-approved already!
Yikes! So we have an appt. in the am to go
looking! Wish us luck!

I love cranky red headed 18mo olds
Olivia dancing
watching Wyatt and his poppa together
crafting with Lisa
fabric shopping with Amanda
collapsing exhausted in a comfy bed feeling


  1. You would be soooo much closer...maybe we could meet one day! That would be wonderful to be close to family! I'll be praying for you!!! :D

  2. Oh and as you can tell I haven't been on blogger too much lately (lots going on) and I am catching up with your blog now! I love your Texas updates. Hope all is well!