Wednesday, October 20, 2010

just a little busy

Got my new iron a few days ago. Filled it up,
plugged it in, picked my setting. Waited patiently
and finally got to ironing, for a few minutes.
ARGGGHHH No steam. Water leaked outta
the resevoir *sp?* at an alarming rate. Sigh...

Got it returned and spent the last 2 afternoons
catching up. Finally am all finished with the piles
of ironing! Yippee! NOW I am ready to start
matching fabric to patterns....oh How I Have
Missed Sewing! I'm still really missing my
sewing room, but thats ok, I'm making due
using a hospital tray table for my machine.
Work great, when I'm done for the day sewing,
I just wheel it out of the way. and the little drawer
it has is perfect for scissors and pins and all
the other odds and ends you need to keep
at hand.

Hope you are are having wonderful days too!


  1. YOu and your dang iron! haha. Come over here and iron for me please? How's it going with you know who and you know what???

  2. Oh sewing...what joy!!!! Keep up the great work pretty lady!

  3. Oh I have a new post up...I have started Meditate Monday and I thought of you when I posted this.