Thursday, October 14, 2010

my iron died....OH NO!

This morning was just a typical day. Wash my hair.
Dry my hair. Curl my hair. Get dressed. Make
a cup of tea and plug the iron in to finish up a few
things and press out some fabric for some aprons
I am going to make. Couldn't wait to get started!

After I waited a few minutes, thinking the iron
would be hot, walked over and saw the light was
out on it. Huh? Checked to be sure it was plugged
in. Checked to see if I really did turn it on.
Hmmmm. I picked the iron up and the on light
flashed on. Oh! Then off. Sigh.

Sooo I wiggled the cord and it flashed on and
stayed that way. Not for long. Started ironing
when it warmed up and then, snap crackle
pop.....a lick of flame up my wrist.... a quick
scream ....EEK! It was snapping and a popping
when I unplugged it, then it just stopped and
smoked a little. Of course thats when I started
laughing. And you should have seen the ash on
my ironing board! wow! Thats a first!

Anyways, now I am going to have to QUICKLY
get a new iron. I feel lost with out it. I use my
iron every day even when I am not sewing. I
love ironing. I love crisp pleats. Tidy collars.
Freshly ironed pillowcases on my pillows. That
puff of steam. Smell of spray starch. It goes on.
I cannot go long without an iron in my hand.

Hi, my name is Melissa, I am addicted to ironing.


  1. I cannot even imagine sewing without an iron. Now that I am retired, I iron my clothes less but sewing without an iron is like a BLT without the Bacon!!!

  2. bahahahah...Hi Melissa! At least you didn't get hurt! Iron pillowcases...I'm lucky if Alex's church shirts are ironed!