Tuesday, April 13, 2010

baby stuff

One of my favorite things to sew is stuff for
baby. Love it!After making two crib sets, I was
asked to make a caddy to old wipes and a few
diapers. This is the end result. The only pic
I have, sent to me by the mom on her cell
phone. *sigh*, I will not forget to take pictures
It was so easy to make. Just got a fat quarter,
cut four corners off and saved them. Made a
box, lined it with contrast. Added handles,
cardboard for solid bottom. With the left
over squares, I made a little tiny box and
stitched it on the front to hold pacifiers
and such odds and ends. I put a few yoyos
on with crochet flowers in the middle.
OH I wish I had pictures to share. It just was so
cute in person.

I have never really sewed patternless before.
But after spending hours blog hopping, reading
tutorials, I figured I should give it a try. It was fun!

This week I am trying to figure out how to make
fabric flowers. I have been trying to use my
cricut to cut out fabric, having a hard time
with that one. I have a heavy duty cutter,
just have not hit the right setting yet. I
will get there. In the meantime I have
made a few circle templates, done some
cutting, folding, stitching, sighing and trying
again. I will get it. Maybe I should proceed
to zippers. ha!

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