Thursday, April 22, 2010

Off to Arizona!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, when Bob gets
home from work we are leaving for Arizona! And
what or who you ask is in Arizona? My dad and
step mom!

I do not get to see them very often. In fact,
last time I saw them was the beginning of
last December. We stopped there on our
way to Texas. And I feel guilty we do not
get there more often, but geez, what can
you do? So I'm looking on the bright side
and I get to see my dad! Yippeeeee!

I sound like a daddys girl or something. I'm not.
At all. My dad is really not that kind of dad. Oh
that sounds bad. But we have a great relationship,
lots of laughs and relaxing close moments in time
when we are together.

Our phone calls are ritual, He says HI Mabel *its Melissa*,
he always asks about the weather *its sunny or raining*,
and 'ya heard from anybody'? *its a no, our family is
not close what little there is of it*, and have you been
up to the lake *no, but he lived there a long time so he
has to ask*. It never changes and I love it the way
it is. Its my dad.

Just before we arrive *we always call just before we get
into town*, Faye *stepmom* says he paces and looks
out the window constantly. That tickles me, and I am
just as anxious to get there, sitting up straight and commenting
on how much this and that have changed and how beautiful
the hills are in the setting sun.

Family always asks how on earth I am able to travel
so far. *another post for another day*. I just say, I
take my pillow and blankie and a pill and sleep most
of the way. Thats just partially true. We listen to
books on cd while we travel, and I do nod off alot
but try not to cuz I hate waking up completely lost
in the story thats on. Oh, Dad and Faye live in
Lake Havasu City, Az. We are in No. Cal. just outside
the bay area.

That drive down central california is booor~ringgg.
As bad a driving through the middle of New Mexico.
a snooo~ooze. Yea we travel alot. But did I mention?
I get to see my dad!

My dad, his name is John. He will be 82 this fall. Loves
a glass of wine. Still works on his boat and jeep. Loves
to go for jeep rides in the desert. *they stop to look at
mines which scare me to death*. Is that not the greatest?
But he is slowing down which is all good but a little
bit sad for me. He is my dad and I think he is perfect.

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  1. Oh my goodness...HAVE FUN!!! That is exciting that you get to spend time with your dad! Making memories are the best! Stay safe!