Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Sewing Room

I had read anothers blog a few days ago, and she
asked readers to show their favorite place to
create, read, sew, that sort of thing. I think. ha!
Really, it was something along that line. That stuck
in my mind, so this morning I clicked a few
pictures of my favorite spots
in my sewing room. Now, I did just the
favorite SPOTS because of course I
have a chair, a table a sewing machine, wheres the
fun there? But I have treasures around them that I
love and thats what I am sharing!

This is my mothers side board from long ago.
Its located right behind where I sit and sew.
I have some of my favorite old pictures,
glassware and odds and ends on it. I LOVE the
way my assortment of treasures looks! Pink glass.
I adore it. Old old pictures and frames,
precious. Attic treasures teddies,
make me smile.

And a pretty old bowl full of pretty buttons.
Gee what else would a girl want?

This next picture is of the area to my right,
or right above where I do scrapbooking.
I recieved the doilie tucked in a box of fabric
won on ebay. A hidden treasure!! I love
filling mason jars with ribbons and laces of
pretty colors. I think every room in the house
should have lavender in it. And of course,
tuck it in pink glass. Family pics are tucked
in a ribbon board along with other treasures
made by grandkids and their mommies.

Here is a close up of my mason jars and
ribbons. Love them! Just make me smile.
And see that little hand there on the right?
Its a traced hand of my grandaughter Olivia.
I was in the hospital for quite awhile
a few years ago, and my step daughter made
them for me with a little saying about holding these
little hands until I can hold the real ones.
Does that just not melt your heart?

Well, thats a glimpse into my sewing room.
I love this room. Its a small room to start with
and I have filled it with so many of my favorite
things it does not feel small to me. It just makes
me feel warm and safe and creative.
I like that!

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