Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the other big mouth in the house!

We have more than one big mouth in this house.
But I do not think I have talked about the
biggest of all!

Her name is Lew, actually Lewis, but we did not
know she was a girl for a while. When we finally
found out we just kept the name because she
seemed to know it.

She is a most unusual character. Doesn't
have a big vocabulary, but most definitely
knows how to use what she does know loudly!

She is quite welcoming to anyone saying
HI HI HI to who ever comes in! Even
when she gets up in the morning you get
a HI! She waits not so patiently for her
breakfast. When you get it to her she yells
hot hot hot in your face. It usually is to hot
when we walk it over to her and she tells
us so until we give her her bowl.

One of her favorite pastimes is playing in the
warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.
Unfolding my linens for me, throwing them,
playing peek a boo and laughing hysterically
when I throw a hand towel over her head.
If I laugh, she laughs. I laugh soft she laughs
soft. I get loud, she blasts us. whew.

She adores Bob. Loves on him, rolls her
head against him. And jealous! Wow!
She comes at me at a run....sometimes
even hissing at me! I'm not
scared of her, much. ha!

Somedays when she is yelling for
attention, she will yell..."Help Bob" Help!
Cracks us up! But man she can get loud
with it. When we tell her to stop, she will
back talk and say uh~oh.
over and over. and over.

Some days she NEVER shuts up.
She hates the vacuum. Hates change.
Hates to be alone. Typical female!ha!
She is so afraid of the meter man. OH my.
She will bust your ear drums. Makes a good
watch dog of sorts. Nobody can get through
the back gate with out her seeing. And
she lets us know.

And who is this big mouth female:

Lew is 10 years old now and will outlive us all.
What will we do with her when we are gone.
We will will her to the kid of ours that has
given us the most grief over the years! ha!


  1. I love when she imitates your laugh!!!

  2. Okay so that cracks me up!!! Too cute! We have a bird also. His name is Abraham. He is a budgie. He is kind of a snot. We have only had him for a few months. He will let us when he is mad. If he is hungry he will pick at his food dish till it falls on the bottom of the cage. My hubby fixed that do he can't do it anymore now he just picks at it and gets loud. Silly bird!! Have a great evening!