Friday, April 9, 2010

Daisy kingdom and dinosaurs!

First off, I forgot to put this picture in yesterdays
post. Nothing special, I just forgot. Its my cluttered
bookcase in my sewing room. Again more treasures.
The two sewing boxes on top were my moms.
She had them forever. As they were getting
rather battered up I thought I would put them
up for safe keeping, but up where I could see them.

I admit, I love going on ebay and browsing the
sewing notions section, in the collectibles.
Love it ALL.
But I restrain myself. My moms are enough for me!

I LOVE Daisy Kingdom fabric panels!
This was the first one I had sewn,
and before it arrived in the mail I was
a little hesitant not know what the
fabric would be like. I have sewn pillows
from panels before and never really cared too much
for the fabric. Surprise! This is really nice
fabric! You can almost put it together without
reading the directions too. And I got brave.
I admit it. I have NEVER, not once, make buttonholes.
Ta~da! I was determined, you see I had just gotten
2 bags of the cutest buttons, Daisy Kingdom of course and
I had to, just had to use them on the dress!
And here it is~~~~~
After I took the pictures I realized I should have
done a top stitch on the top. It looks good as it, but
I am going to do that top stitch. I love a nice
top stitch! ha!
Just love the little flower shaped pockets.
You can't really tell, but the buttons are
greener than they look. They match
the little animals in the bottom border.
AND on the sides, the fabric is cut so you can
match up the animals exactly. I LOVE that!
I had started this little raggy quilt of sorts
waaaay before Christmas. I felt so bad I never
finished it up. And its such a simple one at that.
Just big old squares. Can't get much simpler.
But just to give it a little more dimension, or
color, or whatever you want to call it,
I put the dark blue flannel squares staggered
down the middle. I think it looks ok.
I did the usual X that you do on the raggy
quilt squares but I used
a wiggly or snakey? stitch line. It looks
kinda neat. I'm going to tell him
they are snake tracks! ha!

I just got in a nice piece of quilted fabric so of
course first thing I dug through my patterns and
found the perfect tote style pattern. Got it cut
out and will get it together tomorrow. This is my
second red purse in the last few months.
I guess that is the color
of the year for me!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love you sewing room! Very cute. Your dress turned out great, very cute!