Friday, April 30, 2010

A nice trip and quiet week!

We had such a nice time in Havasu last weekend.
The drive there was an easy one. Made good
time, and as predicted I snoozed on and off
the whole way. We stayed an extra day
too which really helped put us all at ease.

Saturday Bob and I went and walked around
the walk under the London Bridge. It was
busy as there was a boat race going on.
Not just any boats, the huge big ones.
Ones that have to be loaded on the trailers
with cranes. Crazy~so BIG!! There was the usual
boat parade on the canal, lots of people, sunshine...
oh it was nice. It felt so good to have the sun on
my shoulders. I think I got a few hundred more
freckles on them too. Bob could have spent the
day watching the boats/people. Or maybe it was
all the bikinis? hmmmm?

Being with family was the best though. In this
picture are my sister, step mom Faye, Dad
and me. Dad couldn't get his smiled timed
right so we settled with the opened mouth
grin?! ha!

Dad and Bob took off in my dad's jeep for a cruise
in the desert. Faye and I stayed home and
napped. ha! They said it was beautiful out.
It is a good time of year for the desert.
Each day there the temp climbed a little.
Monday it was 96, and was supposed to reach
98 Tuesday. When we got home Tuesday
night it was 66. ha.

We drove home on Tuesday. Man it was a long
drive. Seemed to take twice as long to get
home as it did to get there. Ugh. I was so
uncomfortable and ill feeling. Even though I hated
leaving my family, I was more than happy to get
home to my own bed.

Im trying to get into the projects I left behind.
No go so far until late last night. I managed
to sit and do a little hand sewing which I love.
I could hand sew everything. I have been
told to do a hand sewn quilt. But they are so
intimidating to me. All those little
pieces.....yikes! But I am going to make my
grandaughter a strawberry shortcake blankie
for her bday. Its such cute fabric,
Very little girlie.

I just bought a nice piece of oilcloth. Now what to
do with it? A raincoat for olivia? A tote for me?
oh the decisions! ha...

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and
have plans for a fun weekend!

I am thankful for my family!
I am thankful for the ability to travel
and see them!
I am thankful for birthday cake!
I am thankful for sparkling lakes.
I am thankful for children on swingsets.
I am thankful for children snuggled safely in
clean crisp sheets.
I am thankful for my sister and I FINALLY
having a relationship.
I am thankful for today!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for family trips!!!! It sounds like you had a great time!
    You soooo should make a quilt!!! Make one for each of your grandbabies!!!! Wouldn't that be something to say my grandma sewed this by hand!!! :D
    Yay for your sewing projects!!! I have soooo many to count.
    Have a great weekend. I missed your sweet comments this week!!!
    Oh and I love all the wonderful things you are thankful for!!! Praise God!