Sunday, April 18, 2010

Enjoy your Sunday!

Good morning~Its nice and sunny. Gonna be
a really nice day! Have fresh roses from my
bushes on the counter, husband doing
grocery shopping, laundry almost done,
lots of fun sewing projects in the works.
It can't get much better than this for
9am! Feeling mighty blessed here.

There is so much I am thankful for. I used
to put that on my blog whenever I wrote.
Infrequent as that was. But now as I am
doing lots of blog hoppin' I see more and
more people writing what they are
thankful for. I like that. Alot.

So maybe,I will start doing that again. It
always did make me smile when I wrote down
my 'loves and thankful fors'. They were
right off the top of my head, from
what was going on that day in my life.
And no matter how bad my day was
going, I could always find something
to be thankful for, and that I loved.

On another note, I am working on this
cute little momma diaper bag. Turning
out good so far. Except I cannot get
the trim on it! I have cut the trim 3
times. Pinned it. Unpinned it. Trimed,
ironed. Pinned unpinned. I'm sure
there are many that know how frustrating
that can be! ha! So today I am going to
start fresh. Cut some strips from the fabric
the main bag is made of, put it through
my little handy dandy bias tape maker
and see if I can finally get the right size.
ha...I can't believe I am keeping my patience.

I'm thankful Bob will go to the commissary
bright and early
I'm thankful he ALWAYS gets all on my list!
I'm thankful we have the commissary to shop at!
I'm thankful for our beautiful roses this year!
I'm thankful for their wonderful aroma!
I'm thankful for the blooms on the apple tree.
Its gorgeous! So's the cherry tree!
I'm thankful for my washer and dryer.
I'm thankful I am still able to do the laundry.
I'm thankful Bob will help when I need it!.

Hope you are all having a glorious morning, and
the rest of your day will be great!


  1. Hey Melissa, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm enjoying yours and am going to add it to my list of sunshine (favorite) blogs. Your grandkids are ADORABLE~ :)

  2. happy grammie...
    hope u always get a blessing beautiful day...


  3. I love to see all the wonderful things that you are thankful for! Awesome! I can't wait to see pics of the diaper bag you are making!!! Please post some! :) Have a blessed week!!!