Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini reunion

Yesterday we drove out to Tracey for a
'mini~reunion' of sorts. Most of Bob's
elderly aunts and uncles were in
attendance including a few cousins and his mom.

Its always so much fun to gather 'round with
them all. So much laughter, family stories,
a little singing by Uncle Paul, and of course
all the munchy food one could want in one day.

I remembered to bring my laptop along
too. I have the family tree downloaded
on to it also, and what better time than
a family reunion to fill in alot of blanks,
correct a few, just a few, errors and share
what wonderful info I have found on the family.
Or at least this branch!

It was great! I love genealogy. Its a passion.
And sometimes I call it my little addiction.
ha! And what goes along with genealogy
are photos. OH the old photos. Treasures.
Just priceless. I'm a bit of a beast when
it comes to how people care for their photos.
No, not the digital ones silly. Those old
wonderful black and whites. The ecru ones.
The ones that might have just babys sweet
cheeks pinked lightly. Those photos!

Now hear me and hear me well. If you
have them stored in one of those old
albums that have the sticky pages get
them out. You know, you put them on
the page, they stick and you flap back over
the clear top on them? Well they have acid
in them and will eat up them photos. Make
them nasty looking. And sometimes they
do not like to get unstuck from them.
bad bad bad. Ok, got that off my chest.

I managed to collect a new 'old' picture
which I have yet to scan and get posted
in Ancestry. Its cute too. Its the aunts and
uncles as kids. Love it.

One of the aunts came in from Pheonix, one
from So. Cal. the rest were in the area. Of
course the frailest lived the farthest away.
She is so spunky! Kept elbowing her sister
and smartin' off. Just had us rollin'. What
a fun day.

Besides that, not alot going on. Still working
on the little girl diaper bag. Man this is
taking a while! ha! One of my favorite
bloggers is back, hi Kjristen. yippee.

I'm thankful for family reunions!
for old family photos.
I'm thankful for books.
for my love of reading.
for my kindle!
for clean linen candles
for sweet smelling fabric softner.
I'm thankful for all of you!

have YOU done your family

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