Sunday, May 30, 2010

ruffles and alien green

I have been having so much fun sewing
up an outfit for my grandaughter Olivia.
I had found the cutest fabric at Joanns,
so summery with watermelon and cherries,
a pretty blue, fell in love when I saw it.
Knew it was perfect for Olivia.

So here it is, ruffles ruffles and more
ruffles. I love the double ruffles on the pants.
I'm just hoping they fit. I had her measurements
but...well...sometimes I end up a little off with
them! ha!

Don't ya love the color?

I have got a thing for fabric with cherries on it
now. I got another piece thats a soft yellow
with cherries and a piece of Mary Engelbreit
with all her fun little things on it plus cherries.
Dont know what I'm making with the fabric
yet, but then alllll the fabric I have is
in the waiting stage.

And the alien green. Well. I'm finally back on
the road. I have not really driven since Dec. '06.
Why, well between Dec. '06 and Sept. 07 I had
5 spinal surgeries. Now I'm healed, steady, pain
more or less under control and ready to venture
out on my own. As our other two cars are both
stick shifts, I really could not drive them. My
right side is a bit weak and gets very painful
very easily. So I needed a manual. And Bob
got me one! yippeeeee......Don't ya love it!

Its alien green which I think is funny as
all get out. And its not low, has a high
door frame so I don't whack my head..
I'm in love....and I'm back on the road...
yippee yippee yippee and howdy do!

I'm thankful Bob got me my Soul!
I'm thankful I am doing so much better.
I'm thankful my son David and his family are visiting next weekend.
I'm thankful I finally get to meet my new step grandson
I'm thankful David has such a wonderful little family now
I'm thankful the air conditioner just clicked on.
I'm thankful there is hershey chocolate with almonds
in the freezer..
I'm thankful for you!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! The cherry outfit is to stinking adorable!!!!!
    Wow that is a lot of surgeries in a short period of time! I am glad you are better and even happier that you have a rad new car!!!! What a great hubby you have!!! :) Have a blast cruising around!!

  2. I love the fabric choice. Too cute!!

    Cool new car!!