Monday, May 24, 2010

bachelorette, kimoni pjs and strawberry shortcake

Wow, just finished watching the Bachelorette.
What fun! But I felt so bad for her, she seemed
to be freezing her fanny off the whole night!
Ya think she would have worn a shawl of something.
But having the guys offer their jackets was nice
too ha! Wonder if all the different colognes
gave her a headache after awhile? And
I thought that the very last guy she chose
looked an awful like the Jake from the last
show. Ya think? There was only one that gave
me a 'ew what a creep' feeling. That Craig M. I think it
was. The one who argued about putting the name
in the box. Something about him, an angry look,
just set off the ew factor. Any body else get that?
I can't wait for next week. I mean
besides loving the show, there isn't alot on I want
to watch right now. Project runway is done, Survivor
is over, I didn't get Lost but its done too. I mean so
many of my favs are done for awhile so its nice to
get something else fun to watch.
Yes, I admit, I watch ALOT of t.v. And really alot
at night. Bob is a night worker. He does 10hr nights
which are great really, but sometimes the nights are
really quiet and lonely. I do have the dogs but
when I talk to them, they just look at me like,
shhhhh, I'm sleeping here. And my sewing room is
off limits after 10. And this is
silly, but the birds cage is in there and she goes to
bed at 10. ha! Told you it was silly.
I have finally finished the kimono pj's. I love
the fabric. Was just so light and soft. Thought it
would make wonderful summertime jammies.
But man, next time I will find a better place
to take the pictures. The green walls did not
help with the photos no matter how I touched
them and messed with them I could not
get it to look right. But here they are:

Oh, ya like my new 'sewing room' plaque?

I put a small crochet flower where I sewed the tie on.

This is my next project, a warm flannel blankie for my
grandaughter Olivia. She is turning 4 very soon.
And being 4 is so important don't ya know!
Its the year before kindergarten. And your so
much older than your baby brother now!
You can teach him so many new things cuz
being 4 means your a big girl!

Here is our sweet girl posing the robe
I made for her.

I'm love cutting that last thread on a project!
I love wrapping birthday presents!
I love tucking away special presents for special people
I love shopping early
I love hersheys with almonds
I love pg tips tea
I'm thankful for my new email pal Kjirsten
I'm thankful for the cool days we are still having
I'm thankful our cherry tree FINALLY has fruit
I'm thank for all the apples on our trees
I'm thankful for today
love you!


  1. You had me laughing out loud with the bit about your bird! That is too funny!

    I have to say I watch a lot of TV too. I'm not a reality show person so I don't have any recommendations on that front. I'm looking forward to Royal Pains on USA. It's a great show.

  2. Eeeeek...I love all your projects!! Melissa, you are doing a great job!! I wish we lived closer so we could sew together!! I love to watch tv when it isn't cartoons or syfy. :) My favorite shows are So you think you can dance and Project Runway!! Your sewing room sign is cute!!

  3. Oh, no no no.... I AM so thankful for you as my new penpal!!!! :)

  4. mel, I LOOOOVE your kimono fabric's absolutely CUTE :)