Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finally finished!

I started this a few weeks ago for a sweet little girl
who is about to turn 2 years old. Her mama said
she is starting to get intersted in her baby dolls
so I thought she would enjoy having something
to stuff all the fun stuff that goes with babies dolls in.
Besides, a girl CANNOT have enough purses and totes.

So here it is. A diaper bag for a toddler. There are
pockets on both sides plus one large one inside.

I love love love the fabric. Its well over
15 years old. I have made clothes for cabbage patch
dolls with it. A cute little dress for a grandaughter,
and now after it has been safely stored for so long
a diaper bag for a little mama!
And a soon to be displayed sun hat!

There is a mistake with the handles. oops! But when
I took a good look at it, I decided I liked it. I think you
will be able to find it if you look at the pictures
carefully. Especially the last one.

Here is a closeup of the flower. Cute huh? The button
is a Daisy Kingdom one. I adore those buttons.
The flower is my pride and joy. The first one I managed
to make that look good. Thank you all of you who have
posted tutorials on making fabric flowers. I swear I have
read darn near every last one trying to make one that
looked good. I finally pulled up a tutorial, sat here in
front of the computer and followed step by step..
and ta~da I DID IT!

A shot of the inside and the pocket. The doll is to give
you a better idea of the size, she is 10" long.

Just had to set it up with the doll and bottle and cup.
I love it so much. I think its cuz I miss having a little
girl in the house. Their stuff is just too cute.

One last shot just because. I'm really happy
it turned out so good. Now if the sun bonnet
turns out as nice, it will be great and I will
have to do my happy dance!
I decided to measure the bag, its 15 1/2" long
and 7" hi. Thats with folded top.

I'm still recovering from our lastest trip.
Can't get caught up on my sleep! ha!
But then I always have loved a good nap.

I love buttons and bows
I love freckled noses in the shade of a sun bonnet
I love tea parties that are held on my sewing basket
I love eyelet lace, the bigger the better
I love small handmade crochet flowers
I love my collection of threads
I love full bobbins
I love getting the needle threaded first attempt
I love the smell of orange blossoms
I love you!


  1. Very nice! I know my little girl would love the bag. Thank you for linking to my party!

  2. this is sooo cute, my girls would love such a bag... do you have a how to of this bag???

    love miranda

  3. Miranda, it is McCalls crafts pattern 9050. Whats fun about this pattern, you can add pockets and alter quite easily. Have fun!

  4. Eeeeeek!!! Melissa...I LOVE IT!!!! It turned out great!!! You did a wonderful job! The flower is perfect! Your grandaughter is going to love it!! I am in love with the fabric as well! I love older fabric/buttons/ribbon! It is so fun!! Keep up the awesome work!!
    I have been thinking about you! I have been so busy. I went to check my email and saw that you put a comment on my blog so I had to stop by!!! :D I hope that you can catch up on your sleep...soon!!!!
    You poem is the is like reading about myself! :D
    Have a GREAT week! I have to get ready to run out the door again... :D

  5. Awe. Thanks for adding my button as well!!! It made me tear up!!! You are so sweet!
    By the way...I feel a bond with you as well!!!

  6. Hi Melissa - thank you for entering my giveaway! And thank you for adding my button to your page :D
    The nappy (aka diaper) bag looks wonderful and any little girl would be thrilled to receive it! I think I know what the mistake is but like you I think it looks great the way it is (was it the handles facing the wrong way?)

    I'm always looking for tea cups - I have more than I could ever drink from!

  7. The bag is adorable mom!! I love it!!!! Great job :)

  8. Super cute!! Did you use a pattern? My 2 year old is very much into babies as well and I'd love to make her one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog