Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thinking about Mothers day

I've been thinking about mothers day alot
this year. Thinking how proud I am of our
daughters, their being such good mommies.
I get so tickled watching them with the kids.
Sometimes hiding how hard I actually
am laughing when the grandkids do
something and I think, ohhhhh man,
you so deserveyour kid doing
that too YOU!

Oh the other hand. I miss my mom something
terrible. I admit after this length of time,
some 15 years she's been gone, there are
days where she does not come to mind.
But she's right here with me. Laughing with me
when I realize I have her hands. Her knees.
Like to craft like her. Look like her. Sound like her.
There's days when I swear its her
talking and not me. I love it. But when those
days happen underneath it all, I get sad.
I miss my mom. I still want to call her and
tell her things. Sometimes I will actually catch
myself heading to the phone. So I will have a small
talk with her, knowing she saw and heard
it all anyways. I believe in angels.
And I believe my mom is one.

Here are a few pictures from long ago when my
mom was just a girl and growing into a woman.

Here is my mom, Barbara, and her grandma,
Charlotte Its in L.A. County, Cal. 1932.
Isn't it just the sweetest little picture?

Next is my mom leaning onthe handlebars
of her bicycle with her little brother
Jimmy sitting behind her. Thats her mom,
Clara, standing behind the both of them,
probably making sure they behaved for the
picture. I think this was about 1936.

Mom was such a beautiful young woman.
She was a teen in this picture. Just around
the time she met dad. Yes her eyes were as
blue as could be. When she was this age,
she like to roller skate. In fact she did for
years. I remember her taking me to the
rink with her when I was small. She loved that
time for herself. I can see her in my mind
skating, turning, one leg up. I remember
even then thinking momma's pretty!
I think she is so cute here. She is married and
expecting her first baby! My sister, Teri.
They were living in Culver City then. Her cute
little smile here, I think it makes her look so
happy. Boy little did she know what she had in
store for herelf with 2 daughers in her future! ha!
I'm thankful there is a special day for mothers!
I'm thankful I was blessed with my 2 boys and a girl!
I'm thankful that I was blessed with 2 step daughters.
I'm thankful that we were able to adopt 2 daughters!
I'm thankful we made it through unscathed with all
those daughters!
I'm thankful my rosebushes have an overabundance
of blooms on them this year!
I'm thankful Bob is growing 'salsa' out back this
I'm thankful I like salsa
I'm thankful I make a good salsa.
I'm thankful Bob likes to grow 'salsa'

Love to you all!

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  1. Happy mother's day to you too Melissa! Thanks for sharing your photos, they are wonderful, your mom was indeed a beauty!