Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday monday

Monday's been here and is almost gone, so where
did the weekend go? Saturday I asked Bob to
take me out to the local thrift stores to see if
we could find any treasures. WE had a pretty
good time smooshing through all the goodies.
I was pleased with our few finds, one brand
new Carters little boy crib sheet which I
am using for the fabric. Just is too cute.
And a Disney dalmations plate that
has two little sections in it. No scratches!
So I was happy.

Sunday I was completely tuckered from all
the store hopping Saturday. Actually I think
alot of it was from the storm that was blowing
in. Weather changes wreck havoc on my back.
And cloudy dreary weather makes me ache
to the core. I just stay warm and quiet
and its ok. Sorta.

Today I worked on a pair of Kimono pj'
for the little lady getting the diaper bag.
Love the fabric, bright sunshinny yellow
flowers with bits of pink. Adorable!
Of course, it was the usual put a seam
in, pull a seam out. I can make these
simple things but always manage to
mess up someway! ha!

As I was reading my way through all
my favorite blogs today, I saw it was
game day! And I didn't know! :-{
Today was show us your yellow. How
fun! I am going to be sure to try and
get into next weeks, what ever it
might be!

I'm thankful Bob likes going thriftstore
hopping too!
I'm love a bargain!
I'm thankful for quiet days on heating pads.
I love all the wonderful blogs out there!
I'm thankful my sil's tour is 4 mo instead of 6.
I love chocolate covered raisens.
I'm thankful my daughter married such a wonderful
I love my family
I love you!


  1. Sounds like you had some great finds this weekend. I never have such luck at thrift stores. Thank you so much for sending me the pattern information for the diaper bag and for leaving such sweet comments on my blog.


  2. How fun to be thrifting with your hubby!!!! I am also thankful that my husband likes to thrift as well!! It can be exhausting. I am sorry that you are not feeling to hot!!! I pray that you will be better! Please post pics of your kimono pjs that you are making!!! I would love to see!! :D
    Get better! Have a fabulous rest of the week!!
    Much Love,
    PS I emailed you... :D

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I've awarded you a blog award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up.